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Welcome to New England Meat Market

Established in 1919, New England Meat Market has provided the finest meats and poultry for three generations. Today, the owner, Charles Silva, upholds the tradition, offering unparalleled quality, superior selection and exemplary service to their discriminating clientele.

New England Meat Market offers the finest meats available. Silva has modernized and expanded to offer today’s busy consumers a wide selection of prepared foods and grill-ready/oven-ready marinated meats in addition to the more traditional, full service cuts. A friendly staff of knowledgeable butchers is always available to offer assistance on food selection and preparation.

Looking for anything from fresh produce to specialty meats or even catering we do it all. Feel free to call anytime or come on down and we can help you with all you meal plans.

Thank you New England Meat Market

Our Speciality


Marinated Meat

we have grown famous for our marinated meats. In addition to Our Original Steak Tips, we offer a variety of meats marinated in many flavors. Please Come in and see for yourself why our marinated Steak Tips are considered North Shores Favorite.


Pork chops and Applesauce? We have both! But don’t limit your pork intake to chops! We have marinated pork tips


Don’t have time to cook? Let us cook for you! From Greek delights, such as spinach pie, chicken soup, cheese



Nothing beats a crisp salad! We have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

Greek coffee or instant coffee?

Our grocery and imported food section has everything from Italian pasta to Greek macaroni.

Beer & Wine

We have it all. Whether you’re in the mood for an ice-cold beer or a chilled merlot. We have an extensive imported wine